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How to Attract Younger Veterans...

1. Be transparent. Tell younger veterans about the local success and nationwide support to veterans and their families. 

2. Treat all veterans equally male and female. 

3. Provide free Wi-Fi, gaming systems and flat screen TV and sports programming to create social events for younger veterans. 

4. Be open and encourage the ideas and view points of the younger veterans. 

5. Welcome all new members and walk-ins with open arms. No judging of physical appearance in regards to tattoos, piercing or clothing. 

6. Organize guest speaker events like Jocko Willinks, David Goggins and other motivational influencers. 

7. Provide support, guidance and resources to new veteran entrepreneurs.

8. Keep meetings short and to the point. 

9. Turn post into a community-like center to network, do work, child day care, or any other service that would encourage younger member to join. 

10. Turn your post into a place where veterans can network with the community. Invite local business owners, company executives, your local college Veteran’s Representatives, or members of the local Chamber of Commerce to speak at your meetings.

11. Don’t be afraid to work with other veteran organizations within your community. Build a strong support network for all veterans.

12. If you have a post close to a military base, begin working with the base transition office or AW2/AF2/USMC Wound Warrior Regiment or the Navy’s Safe Harbor Program. These once flourishing programs have had their share of budget cuts, but the mission remains the same. This is where VSOs could make a positive impact with the base leadership as well as the surrounding veteran population.

13. Introduce yourself and your post to your local Guard and Reserve centers. Most of the members live, work, and shop in your community.

14. Sign up for and attend every veteran event that you can. Make sure the people in your community know that you are the person and post to contact when it comes to supporting veterans.

15. The post needs updates badly to attract the younger generations. 

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